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"Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression"-Dr. Haim Ginott

Before School --After School--Out of School Time--Fee Schedule


Before School

Sunny Days opens at 6:45 each school day for before care. We provide transportation to:

Matthews Charter --- Queens Grant ---- Bain Elementary ----  Mint Hill Middle

Students must arrive before the following times to catch the bus to school:

Matthews Charter & Mint Hill Middle- 7:05

Queens Grant & Bain- 7:10

After School

Sunny Days picks up students from the following schools: Bain Elementary, Mint Hill Elementary,

Queens Grant, and Matthews Charter. 

A CMS bus from Mint Hill Middle has a stop directly in front of our center.

Transportation from school also includes all half days, early release days, and inclement-weather release days.

On a typical after school day, students have snack upon arrival. We provide Ritz or Saltine crackers for students who prefer not to eat the snack of the day.


Ample homework time is provided for those who have assigned homework. 


Then...we play! Children have been in school all day, a large part of that time sitting at a desk working or listening to instruction.  When they get to Sunny Days, they need to PLAY, and that's what we do!!  We have a huge playground and a gym, as well as hundreds of toys and games in the classrooms. Play time is a crucial part of learning to socialize and get along with others. Play allows children to develop their imaginations, to work on their motor skills, to problem solve, and more.  Also, in these times where children are involved in so many extra curricular activities in the evenings and on weekends, the free play at Sunny Days gives them the chance to choose what to play and with whom.  We want to be the place where kids can take a deep breath and relax.  We want Sunny Days to be their "Ahhhh place".

Out of School Time

Sunny Days is open for students on teacher workdays, half days, early release days, and some national holidays. 

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